Temporary Move

If you plan to move back to your old address in less than six months, please indicate the date when you want us to stop forwarding mail to the temporary new address. You can request forwarding your mail to your temporary address for a maximum of six months and a minimum of two weeks. However, if your temporary move is longer, you can extend your temporary forwarding at the end of six months. The total forwarding time cannot exceed 12 months.

In order to qualify for additional temporary forwarding time greater than 12 months, you MUST wait a minimum of 45 days before submitting your additional change of address order. If the 45-day period does not work for you, it will be necessary that you submit a Permanent change of address to your temporary address and then a Permanent change of address back to your original address when you return. Another option is to use our Premium Forwarding Service. The 45-day gap is necessary in order to reduce the cost of handling forwardable mail.

If you are not sure when you will return, please indicate your best estimate. In any case, if this date should change, be sure to notify the local post office for your old address of the new date to stop forwarding your mail.

Please note that if you plan to move to this new address for less than six months and then to a different address (not the one that you are moving from), do not check the Temporary box or provide a stop forwarding date. You will simply need to fill out another Change of Address request at that time.